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02 October 2020


Country: Kosovo
Project ID: P147402
World Bank Loan/Credit Name: Kosovo Health Project
Ref. No.: 4.5
Assignment name: Medical Support Staff – Laboratory Technician (20)

On March 26, 2015 the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo approved the Financial Agreement between the Kosovo Government and the International Development Association. The Kosovo Health Project (KHP), restructured in May 2018, is worth US$ 15.69 million. Its objective is to contribute to (i) developing the building blocks to introduce Social Health Insurance (SHI); and (ii) strengthening primary health care (PHC) in selected municipalities.

The project consists of three components:
Component 1: Establishing building blocks for the introduction of SHI. This component includes: support to the definition and implementation of the SHI benefits package; support to the design, the development and utilization of the HIF Information System (HIFIS); capacity building of the HIF as purchaser of health care services; and capacity building to health facilities to respond to the establishment of SHI, which includes, inter alia, technical support for hospital management modernization, as well as medical equipment to upgrade the facilities that will be contracted by the HIF.

Component 2: Strengthening PHC in selected municipalities. This component includes: provision of clinical training to PHC staff; support to Capitation-Based Performance Payments (CBPPs) through the provision of a simple Health Information System (HIS) module; financing of CBPPs to selected municipalities to improve access to quality PHC services; community outreach interventions to improve access to PHC; and support to the design of a new comprehensive HIS and initiation of its implementation.

Component 3: Project management. This component includes: capacity building to the MoH to carry out the technical and administrative management of the Project, including audits, equipment, and operating costs; and communication campaigns on SHI and on PHC reforms.
In March 2020, the Project is restructured to address emergent needs of the Kosovo Government to fight Covid 19 Pandemic and invest as necessary as per the Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan of the MoH.

Component 4: Emergency response to COVID-19 (EUR 3.7 Million). This is a new component added that will provide immediate support to Kosovo Government to respond to the public health emergency, as well as prevent COVID-19 from further local transmission. It will support enhancement of disease detection through provision of medical equipment, mobilization of response capacity through additional trained and well-equipped front-line health workers, as well as prevention of COVID-19 from arriving and further spread through containment strategies. Following are detailed activities that this Component will support:
Purchase of medical supplies. This sub-component will help strengthen disease surveillance systems by provision of medical supplies, including kits, PPE, infusion pumps, ventilators, respirators, etc. as per the Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan of the MoH.
Rehabilitation of quarantine areas. This sub-component aims at conducting rehabilitation civil work for existing quarantine areas in Prishtina student campus, and potentially new ones, as the situation evolves. The existing planned quarantine areas require adaption works to meet guidelines for isolation of cases through space re-organization and small investments.
Support for medical staff and operations. This sub-component will aid the healthcare workers to provide medical care and maintain essential community services by recruitment of additional support medical and operational staff to fight COVID-19 for a period of 3-months with a fixed payment. Such a temporary support staff will provide delivery of critical medical services and support in coping with the increased demand for services in healthcare facilities and quarantine areas posed by the outbreak.

Objective of the assignment :
Aid the healthcare workers at the NIPH/IPH facilities throughout Kosovo to provide medical care and maintain essential services during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Duties and responsibilities:
Under the direct supervisor at the NIPH/IPH, as proposed by the NIPH, the candidate shall:
- Processes samples according to microbiological work protocols in the laboratory, using various microbiological methods (sample cultivation, biochemical identification, serological testing, molecular testing etc.);
- Receives and records samples as well as laboratory results in protocol books in the laboratory and in the computer database continuously, completely and accurately;
- Contributes to the adequate reporting of relevant data of laboratory results (for the patient and the health institution that referred the sample) in an accurate and timely manner;
- Evidences the needs for consumables and reagents in the laboratory on a daily basis to ensure the continuity of work and notifies in a timely manner the supervisor (chief technician and head of the laboratory) regarding the identified needs;
- Collaborates with other colleagues in the Department of Microbiology to ensure the quality of services and continuity of work throughout the Department and to have correct and professional relations with colleagues in the Department of Microbiology;
- Maintains laboratory inventory (including desks, laboratory equipment) in a professional manner to ensure a safe environment and quality laboratory services;
- Organizes and participates in meetings / workshops / trainings of continuing professional education in the field of Microbiology and those related to Microbiology;
Regularly reports to the supervisor regarding the work in the laboratory;
- Performs other tasks determined by the supervisor, according to the needs of the work in the Department of Microbiology, based on the competencies of the laboratory technician and the relevant legislation;
- Prepare and submit monthly activity reports, along with the attendance sheet, both signed by the direct supervisor, as assigned by the MOH.
- Any other activities as requested by the direct supervisor.

Required education
- Medical High School Diploma;
- Work License;

Prepare and submit supporting documentation (relevant activity reporting documents/time sheets documents etc.), based on the workflow/procedures established for the regular staff of the respective health facilities. Relevant supporting documents shall be signed by the direct supervisor Head Nurse/Technician of the facility (as proposed by the MOH Director of Health Services/MOH Nursing Division and assigned by the General Secretary). All supporting documentation should be available for audits at the health facility level.

Work is expected to start as soon as possible. The laboratory technician/microbiology medical support staff will work hours assigned by the direct supervisor at the NIPH as assigned by the MOH. Foreseen contract duration is three months, with possibility of extension.

Governance and reporting arrangements:
The laboratory/microbiology support staff will be working closely as part of the relevant health facility teams and shall report to direct supervisor Head Nurse/Technician of the health facility (as proposed by the MOH Director of Health Services/MOH Nursing Division and assigned by the General Secretary).
The laboratory technician/microbiology support staff shall perform his/her duties in accordance with contract terms and conditions, legal acts of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as the World Bank requirements and procedures.
Details of applicable governance and reporting arrangements are described in the approved POM.

The laboratory technician/microbiology support staff will be paid on a monthly basis. All terms and conditions will be described in the laboratory technician/microbiology support staff contract. The contract will be the Standard World Bank Time-Based contract.

Selection process:
The laboratory technician/microbiology support will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers published in January 2011 (Consultants Guidelines), according to selection based on Selection of Individual Consultants (IC) method.

Evaluation Criteria:
The overall qualification (50 %);
Specific experience related to the assignment (50%)


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